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 Request for help against a griefer

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PostSubject: Request for help against a griefer   Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:39 am

Hi there

Stany and I have started building a small town together and invited others to join us. We've been building together without problems until gnome_killer joined. He has committed several griefing acts:

1.) Building rude structures in the town.
2.) Harvesting our town's crops without replanting them.
3.) Placing wood/cobblestone at random locations as an eye-sore.
4.) Setting fire to the wooden steps in an attempt to burn it down.

I have an image here showing the empty crops as well as comments from battlefield witnessing this.

Please help us. If the server is going to be reset (and our work deleted) then please let us know as well.

Thank you
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Server Owner
Server Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Request for help against a griefer   Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:08 am


There are complications that come into this, these are:

- We are currently a grief / raid server
- We have a rule that states somewhere along the lines of inviting people and they mess up is your problem

We encourage people not to invite randomers because of these incidents thus that rule being put in place as we get fed up dealing with complaints. To clarify if this person has just joined to screw you and your area up then to leave, I'm more than happy to deal with him and his idiocy.

Edit: User banned for a week, please be cautious who you invite however Wink

- JTL Matt
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Request for help against a griefer
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