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 Garry's Mod Rules

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PostSubject: Garry's Mod Rules   Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:01 pm

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If you break the rules you will be subject to punishment, note we do not tolerate idiocy and therefore rule breaking will not be taken lightly.

Server Rules:

1. Respect other players and listen to server staff members.

2. Don't Random Death Match (RDM) Meaning don't go on a killing spree shooting everyone in sight and don't randomly hit people with your fists!

3. You must choose a RolePlay (RP) name; to do this type in game " /name NameHere AndHere "

4. Don't walk around with your physgun or gravity gun, you may only have it equipped if you're building.

5. As a Hitman with a ongoing hit you must say (/advert Hit Complete) when you kill the person requested. The same ruling applies to Thieves and Rebels however you must say (/advert Raid) when raiding a home and (/advert Raid Complete) when you're finished.

6. Thieves and Rebels cannot work together!

7. Don't abuse your use of Tools and Props (spawning ridiculous creations XXX metres high or random things all over the map, prop killing, climbing, pushing, blocking)

8. New Life Rule NLR for short, when you die you must "forget" everything that happened during your last life and begin a new life. You cannot return to your death location even if it is your house for up to 5 minutes. Example: The thieves/cops raiding you for loot/illegal money printers are not finished so you must wait.

9. All your doors must have a keypad/button to access them, don't create a "Creative Keypad" where you must pick lock a door for example before cracking the keypad. Do not create a crouching keypad entrance either.

10. Don't abuse your job of choice i.e. being a cop arresting randomly (have a reason), killing randomly as a hitman (have a hit first) and being a gun dealer supplying guns to only yourself.

11. Don't impersonate somebody else.

12. Build in an appropriate location not in the middle of the road, spawnpoint, sewers, allyway etc.

13. No hacking of any kind and if you find an exploit report it, don't abuse it.

14. Don't be a muppit and twist the rules and don't whine if you are warned for doing something not on here.

15. Don't raid or attack someone who is building and has a "Building" sign up, you cannot use this as an excuse when you're afk or Role-playing! (Includes stashing Printers & Guns)

16. Don't use wiremod to locate entities or players however you may use a "metal detector" to scan an inventory when people walk through it.

17. Your base must have at least one entrance, you may block up the other 3 entrances if you have 4, as long as there is a suitable way in via keypads/buttons.

Admin/Mod Rules:

1. Don't abuse the power, example being:

- Spawning Weapons / Ammunition with the Q menu
- Noclip to get around
- Teleporting your team
- Spectating to find positions
- Physgun'ing other players props to gain access to their building

Basically just common sense; do not use your power to benefit yourself in any way shape or form.

2. The rules above still apply to you.

Report abusing players and staff so it can be dealt with, ensure you have evidence to back up your case.
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Garry's Mod Rules
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