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 Check list of things to do since 16/12/2013 11:59

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Server Owner

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PostSubject: Check list of things to do since 16/12/2013 11:59   Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:59 pm

This is my to do list, I will add everything I need to do here so you may see if I have done it as well as see planned things to do.

= Done
= Not Done

Server Job, Weapons, Entities, Food & Other changes:
Set Gun Dealer Weapons & Shipments: {
Choose a bunch of weapons from each category, there is too many,
Set prices for each weapon & shipment,
Add M9K Ammo}
Remove Job 'Bartender'
Remove Job 'Prostitute'
Change the map - rp_downtown_v4c
Change 'food' tab to 'Food'
Food Tab: {
Change food items weight so it can be picked up with the 'Gravity Gun',
Remove Bananas (can't be picked up regardless of weight),
Edit foods pricing, energy and add more to make up for 'Bananas' removal}
Re-work Money Printers: {
Fix alignment errors}
Add Knife
Change Police Models

Add "SmartSnap"
Edit M9K Weapons
Replace FA:S with M9K Edits
M9K: {
Fix broken Heavy Weapons,
Change ammo types,
Upload newly fixed Ammo types M9K}
Minor ULX and FAdmin Access changes
Add method of buying food without a 'Cook' player
Add URS (Administrative Restricting Tool)
Add an ATM machine
Add a method of restraint (handcuff, rope)
Add vehicles

Server HUDS:
Change Player HUD: {
Hide default Hunger bar,
Add Hunger bar,
Add Icon to Hunger bar,
Fix Notifications,
Fix F2 door menu,
Fix 'DrawWantedDisplay' Error}
Change default scoreboard to a custom scoreboard

Donation System:
Method of supporting the server via donating
Rewards for supporting the server, will add more in the future (see below)
Extra Tools:
> Advanced Duplicator (Respected group too)
> Duplicator (Respected group too)
> Elastic
> Hydraulic
> Rope
> Winch
Extra Entities:
> Premium Money Printer
Extra Jobs:
> Magnate (Salary of $115)
> Prop limit increased from 50 to 60

Create Moderator application topic
Remove keys left and right click animation menu
Disable player sprays
Enable and set 5 minutely decal clean up
Design a FearRP element (rules)
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PostSubject: Re: Check list of things to do since 16/12/2013 11:59   Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:04 am

Hey this May or May not sound stupid but I kind a miss u guys I know this May nether be read but if anyone is the I think jam ftb should be introduced bring the old spirit back I mean I can help out the problem for me is I have the time and skill for a server but not the money if u read this plz comment

Ps this is Liam aka gMesanimal1 I'm sure u remember me
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Check list of things to do since 16/12/2013 11:59
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