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 [ Pending ] DrunkMaus Moderator Application

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PostSubject: [ Pending ] DrunkMaus Moderator Application   Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:58 am

Name: IRL - Kai Bass          Steam - [DB]>DrunkMaus<          RP - Andrw McGregor
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52929637
Age: 13
Administrative Experience: I am admin on 2 minecraft servers. I am co-owner of a minecraft minigames server and I am trial-admin on a TF2 server. Even though I have not been admin on a Garrys mod server I still have good experience with administration on servers and how to deal with rule breakers and also experience with ULX.

How did your Mod/Admin in the server(s) come to an end?: It hasn't as of yet.

How long have you been on the server?:About 1 day

What is your purpose for applying for Moderator?: Because I believe that I can really help the server due to its current lack of moderators/admins that put any effort into the server. The only current admin I see putting effort in is Tom White and I really do believe I could help him deal with any rule breakers that come on as he has said to me on multiple occasions that he does find it hard to deal with everyone when hes the only member of staff actually dealing with people. I also am fair but strict, I allways listen to both sides of an argument and do my best to resolve it. I am fair and respectfull towards players but I will carry out punishements when needed. I am also a very approachable person and will help new players with any questions or queries they have about the server of DarkRP in general.

What can you bring to the server?: I can bring myself as an admin who will but 100% of his effort into the job that he does. I will also bring my fairness (server has a lot already) towards players. I also do not instantly Physgun people away when they log in for failRP name ect.

Additional Notes (Optional): I am mature for my age. I do not play around when I am meant to be doing my job. (obviously I take "holidays" where I will just roleplay / play around.)
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Server Owner
Server Owner

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PostSubject: Re: [ Pending ] DrunkMaus Moderator Application   Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:16 am

Hello DrunkMaus,

Generally speaking it is an automatic rejection to people under the age of 14 despite the impression they've made however what makes me what to give you a chance as moderator is the amount of effort you've put into the application.

Unfortunately I'm going to keep this on [ Pending ] status so I may question with other players and admin(s).

- Matt

On a side note: No application is approved by myself without other opinions.

[Mod Info]
> If you find yourself struggling to deal with an incident due to lack of access pass it on to someone of higher ranking than yourself.
> If you struggle to administrate please state why and how it could be improved.
> Promotion to a higher ranking is possible.
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[ Pending ] DrunkMaus Moderator Application
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